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Which type of coil is best and lasts longest?

If you choose a starter kit with a refillable tank, it is the coil housed within the tank that creates your vaping experience and choosing the right coil for your vaping technique and device is key.
You may hear a lot of vaping terminology that may confuse you, such as MTL and DL; which are the two main types of coil.

  1. MTL (means mouth-to-lung, typically 1.0Ohm, 1.5Ohm) offers a tight, restricted draw and these coils are perfect for new vapers who are looking for a realistic replication of the sensation you get from smoking a cigarette.
  2. DL (means direct-lung, typically 0.5Ohm) coils are generally used with higher powered devices and will provide a smoother, airier draw with maximum vapour production. These coils are typically favoured by more experienced vapers.

You do need to change your coil …
Coil lifespans will vary depending on the user, their setup and e-liquid. However, we advise that a coil should last for approximately 7-10 tank refills of e-liquid. A new coil refreshes your flavour and inhale/exhale experience (much like changing up your razor blades when they go blunt, as an analogy!)