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Which types of devices are best for someone making the transition from smoking to vaping?

Giving up cigarettes isn’t easy. Breaking the cycle by satisfying nicotine cravings is often the key to successfully kicking the habit, and vaping is an excellent way of doing so. Based on feedback, our customers find the most success using cigarette-style devices, also known as ‘cigalikes’, and pod mods. 

Cigarette-style devices are small cylindrical vape kits that use screw-on refills known as ‘cartomizers’ which contain the e-liquid (and nicotine).  Cigarette-style devices are particularly popular as they’re easy to use and require little investment. You typically only need a battery, a small USB charger and a few cartomizers to get started. Most retailers (ourselves included) supply a starter kit, which contains everything you need in one handy bundle.  

Pod mod devices function in a similar way to cigalikes and there are a number of well known brands that sell these.