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What do I need to know in terms of the difference between vaping and smoking so I can quickly get used to it?

Using an e-cigarette provides a similar experience and closely mimics smoking but there are of course differences a new user will notice. Someone new to vaping may find that they cough a little until they adjust to inhaling a vapour rather than the smoke they have been used to. They may also notice a slight difference in nicotine delivery to the body. A new user will usually try to use an e cigarette in a similar manner to a traditional cigarette going for prolonged lengths of time, such as during working hours, and only using an e-cigarette on a break as an example. Often a new vaper will suck too hard on an e-cigarette and draw the liquid into the coil more quickly than the coil can vaporise which can result in flooding and sometimes spitting from the over wicked coil. They should also understand that an e-liquid will not taste the same as their preferred brand of cigarette and it can take time for their palette to adjust. When using an e-cigarette habits will change. As an example when you light a cigarette you tend to smoke it in a single sitting whereas vapers tend to graze and adjust their intake based on their body’s requirement for nicotine. And because vapers tend to naturally self-regulate they can find that the amount of e-liquid used may increase over time as they reduce the nicotine strength of the liquid they buy.