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Vaping sector is very much ‘open for business’ according to the UK Vaping Industry Association


Leading vaping body moves to reassure vapers and smokers during Coronavirus lockdown

The UK Vaping Industry Association, the largest trade body representing the vaping sector, has moved to reassure vapers and smokers that the industry is still very much ‘open for business’ despite the closure of shops following the Government’s lockdown.

In addition to dedicated online retailers and manufacturing facilities operating as usual, physical store owners are focussing on ramping up their ecommerce operations via their websites, with others setting up home delivery services.

John Dunne, a director at the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), said: “Vaping businesses are by nature extremely entrepreneurial and agile and a number are repurposing their business models to continue to serve their customers. Specialist online retailers are also reporting significant increases in demand during the lockdown.

“It is critical during these highly stressful times that vapers have access to vape products to prevent them from taking the backward step and reverting to smoking. Likewise, it enables smokers looking to quit to switch to vaping.

“The UKVIA has published a list of its retail members who provide online and home delivery services so that vapers and smokers can simply access vape devices and e-liquids during the lockdown period.”

Dunne added: “You will need to check exact services and order delivery times with each retailer – for example some operations are offering orders up to 6pm for next day delivery.”

The UKVIA has issued a guide to coronavirus for all its members which not only provides government guidance but also highlights a range of best practice health and safety measures to implement in the workplace to ensure the wellbeing of workers and customers.

Full list of UKVIA retail members who are still open for business providing online and home delivery services: available to download here.